SWAT Supernatural Investigations is a National Help Network, designed to assist people who are being spiritually afflicted. Through email, phone or in person- we are here to help!
Although not everything is a haunting or spiritual oppression, so many experience bonafide hauntings all over the world. The phenomena of a haunting (physical manifestation of spirits) is very real and present with places and people. An innumerable amount of people are afflicted by spiritual oppression; most unaware. This is the effect supernatural forces has on a person (mental, physical and emotional). Use our site as a guide to see if you are experiencing unwanted paranormal events or spiritual oppression. If you or someone you know is encountering situations along these lines, we are here TO HELP! We will get to the origin of the issue(s) and not only give our clients the help they need, but the dissolution they deserve. Look over our site for in-depth information, and contact us so we can assist. We consult, counsel, investigate and work toward a resolution. We do not charge for our services and all communication is at full discretion.


Believe it or not- ALL people have had some type of spiritual encounter. But, not all will recognize it. And too often, it's the dark and scary events that cause us to pay more attention. Our curiosity is raised, usually out of fear, but, we don't have a clue as to what is going on!

The term "paranormal" is used often, but this is a man-made term for something people experience which they cannot explain. But, there ARE answers. There are reasons for these occurrences. And finding out the reasons why is the first step to dissolution of it.

What the world offers as answers rarely is TRUTH. And the problems will increase and continue to plague a person in various forms.
Some view their spiritual experiences or situation as ghosts or a haunting, a "psychic experience", even possible demonic possession, or justify with the desperate but accepted "mental illness" as the cause of their encounter.
No matter what you or society title it, it is all derived from the same thing- REAL supernatural intervention in our lives!


ALL things we experience within ourselves and within our lives is spiritual. This is a fact most people do not know, understand or believe. Lack of knowledge in it is what renders them vulnerable to harsh circumstances. We aim to help by explaining what these situations derive from and then relieving people of the unwanted spiritual, physical and emotional issues and fear they are experiencing because of these supernatural situations. Then we can teach how to protect ourselves from them.

2 Cor 10:4 For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds

We are happy to help you in any way we can! But before you decide to contact us, we highly recommend you read this site thoroughly, to see if we are the right avenue for you and your situation.
We are NOT a ghost hunting group or paranormal investigation team. We do not support or condone occult practices or new age theories. We are Christian-based and DO NOT CHARGE for our services.
We understand the seriousness of what you are going through and fully respect your privacy. We will honor your trust with this personal issue. Email us and we will help you to the best of our ability.


and beyond

Daughter of Sceva: Set Me Free is a compelling true story by SWAT Founder, Heidi Linden. It speaks candidly of spiritual realities and supernatural oppression. She shares her paranormal experineces growing up and how she came to find truth in a world of malevolent darkness. It will make you question your own reality. Full of dark tales and encouragement, it will rivet you to the end.

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